I received a text this morning from a dear friend wondering if I was alright.. “because you aren’t blogging.”  This made me smile, because my friends realize how important this blog is to me,  even in the midst of a massive natural disaster. I survived my first hurricane, though my apartment didn’t fare so well. My buildings first floor is completely flooded and we won’t have power for a week. For now I am crashing on friends couches. I am lucky though because there are so many people up here who have it much, much worse. I plan on taking advantage of this extra break from school and my friends HBO but I can’t wait till I am back to my own computer and can share with ya’ll my trip to Sao Paulo, Brazil last week. Until then.. 

Jennifer Johnson, Abandoned Couch 2008 artistwebsite.

Abandoned Couches, 2009 found on flickr here. 

Waltar, 132 North Avenue 56, Highland Park 2008 moreimages.

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