From the screen to the sheen

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Doug Rickard spends hours exploring Google Maps Street Views to search for areas of America’s most economically devastated regions to capture scenes that reflect the neglected and forgotten, poverty stricken who have long lost sight in the American Dream. I recently attended his book launch and solo exhibition at Milo Yossi Gallery in Chelsea. Previously I have only seen this series on the computer screen.  I thought this was interesting since the photographs were shot originally by a car with a camera attached to it, for the purpose of Google to put on to the computer screen, where Doug Rickard then photographed them from the screen to make real photographs but subsequently ended up being re-shown on his website as images. It’s a weird cycle of real-to cyberspace-to real-to cyberspace. Subsequently I thought it was even more enthralling to see the images as large color prints, mounted in a white cube gallery space.

Doug Rickard, #96.749058, Dallas, TX (2008) 2010

check out the Doug Rickard’s website to see the full series.

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