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Whenever anyone asks me about Los Angeles, one of the first things I tell them is that there’s a reason the film industry took hold there: the light. The pure, golden, electric sunshine that gives the city its color, its insanity, its charm and its mystery. Nobody can go to Los Angeles without being seduced by the light. That golden light that shines all year long was my guide and constant source of inspiration. The electric sunshine was the captain of the trip. Bryan Formhals Excerpt from artist statement for Genesee Ave. Series.

Bryan Formhals, Untitled from Genesee Ave. 2006-2008

Bryan Formhals, Untitled from Genesee Ave. 2006-2008

If my time in New York was running out, I wanted to make the most of it. Along the way I also thought about Gus Powell and his ‘Lunch Pictures,’ and Helen Levitt, and William Klein and Lee Friedlander and all the other great street photographers who worked in New York. This would be my homage to them, and in many ways, also the closing chapter in my investigation into street photography. ……[The Converse I wore on those long walks now had holes in them, so I tossed them in garbage. I’d worn out my street shoes.] – Bryan Formhals, Excerpt from artist statement for Street Shoes New York series. 

Bryan Formhals, Untitled from Street Shoes New York 2010-2011

Bryan Formhals, Untitled from Street Shoes New York 2010-2011


& an extra bonus image. 

Bryan Formhals, Untitled from Genesee Ave. 2006-2008


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