don’t quit your day job.

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Just a little of this & a little of that. 

image of The Dainty Squid.Ayn Rand Atlas Shrugged bookmania quotes.

Barbara Kruger Los Angeles Public Buses. Read more.

Designer Artist Halloween Costumes by  The Rodnik Band

GIF from Joseph Gordan Levitt’s HITrecord film, Strawberry Bootlaces. Watch HERE. (it’s delightful)

Glass Library in the Netherlands. Read more. 

Aperture tattoo

How I feel daily.

Mucho Mucho Bueno camping out at Marfa, TX

I wish I had made something like this, instead of a novel length email to my brother explaining these basics.

Water Fall Swing (2011) by Dash7Design. 

Marc Johns Print. William Powhida’s Cynical Advice 2012 moreinfo.  & website.

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