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Here’s a little sample of Denmark Photographer Matthias Juel Christensen. His website is in a completely different language with only a poorly generated translation from google, but I rather enjoyed having no context to look at these photographs in. He has a huge body of work and it was really interesting to just look at the series with nothing to go on but the photographs. They stand on their own. So go check out his website HERE. 
Matthias Juel Christensen, 3410 Mount Elliott Street from Detroit Series 2011

Matthias Juel Christensen, 3664 Benson Street from Detroit Series 2011

Matthias Juel Christensen, 6580, 6578, 6572, 6554 Helen Street from Detroit Series 2011

Matthias Juel Christensen, Shenzen, Kina from The City’s Prospects 2005


Matthias Juel Christensen, New York State 01 from On the Road Series 2006 

Matthias Juel Christensen, Untitled from City’s Decay 

Artist Website. 

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