Oops I Arted.

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This weekend I took a break from studying to check out the Affordable Art Fair over in Chelsea. All the works shown at the fair range from $100-10,000 but mostly everything was under $5,000. It was quite the range and I was mostly impressed, though I steered clear of the still way over priced Damien Hirst’s spot drawings (seriously people, you’re going to pay that much for essentially his signature?) I’ll admit it was quite entertaining people watching those who were genuinely interested in that booth. Anyway here’s some of the artists I really liked.
Photographer Willy Rosas amusing landscapes. see the entire series here. 

Juan Pajeres painting collages. I loved the way he collaged advertisements of brick next to an actual brick-like empasto on the Brooklyn Painting on the left.  Check out more of his work here. 

Atelier Saramello, Espelho às avessas 2012 artistwebsite here. 

What more can I really say, it’s a gorilla with a love tattoo listening to Adele. 

UK photographer Richard Heeps wall of C-prints. Artist website here. 

So, this last photographer Richard Heeps really got to me. It might have been because I was literally just explaining to my friend how much I miss C-printing or that he was there at the booth ready to answer my technical questions (Yes, I asked him what camera he uses..) either way, I caved. That pair of black boots I have been reserving my money for all month, suddenly seemed obsolete.. I made my first NYC art purchase and I have no regrets. 

left: Richard Heeps, Self-Portrait 1993  right:  My Self-Portrait, 2011

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  1. Cool! I like your self portrait much better. I’d really enjoy seeing more of your work, but especially like your random photos of people and place you encounter in the city that never sleeps. You have a great eye. The other eye is pretty good too. I went to the Cottonwood festival in Plano yesterday. Nice work, but I mostly felt sad for the artists hoping to sell their wonderful work to the velvet Elvis painting mentality. I guess that is why they are called starving artists.

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