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I saw Nadia Sablin’s MFA thesis exhibition Together and Alone over a year ago, but still her photographs are engraved in my mind. This is a true distinction in such a highly visual driven society. I look at hundreds of images a day.. but it’s the ones that come back to me, that persistently invade my mind and force me to return to them that solidify a photographer’s place. That for me, is Nadia Sablin. Maybe I am a tad bias, maybe it’s the incredibly intense photograph below of my favorite photo professor or the charged image of a former classmate, Eddie with his mother. Though looking at her other work I realize it’s not the fact that I know the people. It’s in the eyes of the strangers as well.

She currently lives and works in Brooklyn and you must go check out her other work now. here!

Nadia Sablin, Betsy in the Pool from Together and Alone 2009

Nadia Sablin, Untitled from Together and Alone 2009

Nadia Sablin, Untitled from Together and Alone 2010

Nadia Sablin, Untitled from Musician Towers 2011

Nadia Sablin, Untitled from Musician Towers 2011

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