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Earlier this month I spoke about how strange it is to be back in school but not making work. I decided on a solution that is a compromise of sorts. If I complete my goal of readings for the day, then at night I can work on the project of scanning all my film negatives from the past 6 years. (It is quite the project, considering I have three full negative boxes of unscanned work.) 

Tonight I tackled a photograph series from my very first color darkroom course way back in 2008. This is certainly not the greatest series of my life and will probably never make it on my website portfolio, but I like it nonetheless. Though, I don’t think I can ever get used to the aesthetic difference of scanning a negative and editing it digitally to C-prints (which these were originally.) Anyways this was my final for the class.  We were told to use the title That was then, This is Now… This is the photo series that resulted but in my mind I always referred to it as After Nature. 

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