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Jason Lazarus is a Chicago based artist and part time teacher at Columbia College. I featured his series, Orion over Baghdad last year which explores issues about the war, collective experience and the way the internet connects. I’ve also talked a bit about his interest in truth, memory and re-exploring moments in time through his photography series, Nirvana which asked people to share where they were when they first heard the band Nirvana. These photographs I am sharing today come from the 2004-present section of his website. The first two images I thought were so compelling because they seem to encapsulate everything that is important to that person. Eggleston, the light, composition and rawness of it all, and with Becklin’s the sheer  immense-ness of him. The last two again, revisit the past and position it in a new life, revealing even. Lazarus has always been (in my opinion) one of the  most interesting photographers of today and I hope you take the time to discover his site for yourself HERE!!Jason Lazarus, Untitled, William Eggleston at his first American retrospective 2010

Jason Lazarus, Eric Becklin, first human to see the center of our galaxy 2010

Jason Lazarus, Above Sigmund Freud’s Couch 2008

Jason Lazarus, The top of the tree gazed upon by Anne Frank while in hiding (Amsterdam) 2008

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