A Map That Never Stays the Same

Art, Photography

Ok, I swear this is the last street photography series I post for a while. Since I’ve moved to the city  I feel like I could stand out on the corner and watch for hours; the movement, colors and shadows, people, buildings, the commotion it all excites me.. and suddenly street photography looks differently to me. I can relate to it more, maybe. Here are some photographers who make me stare an amazement as I  think to myself “awe, yes, yes.. that’s it. That’s what it feels like.” 
Matt Soria, Untitled from Almost artistwebsite.

Katrin Koenning, Untitled from Transit artistwebsite.

Shane Gray, Untitled from Avenue Street- Manhattan Photographs artistwebsite. 

Suh Guang, Untitled from Voyeurism artistwebsite.

Suh Guang, Untitled from Voyeurism artistwebsite. ((THANKS HAYLEY!))

John Goldsmith, Untitled from Street Photography artistwebsite. 

John Goldsmith, Untitled from Street Photography artistwebsite. 

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