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Happy Labor Day! I am taking my day off to just be lazy before I am thrown in to my first full school week. I have spent the morning checking out some of these awesome artist videos which has certainly set the tone for my relaxing day in.

An excerpt from Everyone Street, a documentary directed by Cheryl Dunn about photographers who used the New York City streets to make work. This short video is on Bruce Davidson discussing his Subway series.

Introducing BalloonHead, a documentary on public and installation art by artist Polaris Castillo.

Some people work too hard and forget they’re following a daily routine that is slowly killing them. Balloons are freedom. A rainbow of colours is the exit from a mundane world. BalloonHead represents that eager creative intensity that should be exploited but is often shunned & denied.  Passage from the film 

Tateshots: Michael Craig-Martin: Educating Damien a short film of artist Michael Craig-Martin discussing the work of Damien Hirst, his most famous pupil.

A short film about the work street artist Shepard Fairey did with the Dallas Contemporary last summer. One of my dear friends did the motion graphics for this piece, which is super awesome, so check it out!

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