Good Cat Photographs Don’t Exist.

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In my undergrad photo program there was always certain things that were on the “do not photograph for an assignment” list. Being in Arizona, photographs of cactus were seldom taken seriously. Same with stop signs, palm trees, decaying fruit and Cats. Cats very specifically. My professor frequently declared that there is No such thing as a good cat photograph. And he is probably right. Still, tonight I am feeling nostalgic and homesick, and wish more than anything I had my sweet cat, George with me out here in this city. So yes, I am being that crazy cat lady who is posting a million photographs of her cats on her art blog. At least it’s the weekend, I swear on Monday it will be back to regular programming. 

and yes, in case you were wondering I decided not to go out with my roommates tonight so that I could stay home jam out to music and blog about my cat. I’m just that kind of girl.

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