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Through the introductions to library research and the building fire and safety regulation lectures that filled my first day as a Grad Student, I found myself reflecting on my undergrad experience. What I missed the most, what I learned, and how I spent my days shuffling between the Photography building that was home to my artistic practice and the Art building where I took all of my Art History lectures. As a double major, I always found the long lecture classes much more bearable on days that were coupled with one of my studio photo courses. It was very much a duel process and making work was a stress reliever from being cramped in a dark lecture hall taking notes on my computer. I spent countless nights in the color darkroom doing my Art History course readings in seven minute increments while waiting for my prints to come out of the color processor. Now here I am back in school, still studying art history but this time no darkroom to let steam out, no creation to match with the thoughts. Sure, I’ve been taking photographs over the past year, I’ve been developing projects and ideas, but I haven’t made physical work. And today that seemed more evident then ever. Though it is much more economical to have my photographs exist in the digital space,  the sensation of holding a print in my hand is different… it feels more real. Time to make some changes. 

[quick prints of my serie’s Severed]

[quick prints of a self-portrait series]

[C-print’s on the Gallery Walls, Severed]

[quick prints of family series]

[C-prints of family series]

[digital prints of Mom & Dad series]

[digital prints on gallery wall of Skype Series]

You don’t take a photograph, you make it. –Ansel Adams

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