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John Chamberlain, Pineapplesurprise 2010,  Mermaidsmischief 2009,  Robustfagotto  2008

I stumbled upon this John Chamberlain installation at the Seagram Building on the corner of 53rd and Park Ave the other day in the mid-afternoon while the sun was in perfect gleaming mode for these works to truly sparkle in all their aluminum glory. These biomorphic forms are playful yet alien, whimsical but severe. They become activated by the time of the day, the intensity of the sun and the distance you approach them. I was startled with how powerful these works are, they literally demand your attention, though as I said I was there when the sun was most intense and I truly was blinded by the light. 
John Chamberlain, Frostydickfantasy 2008

John Chamberlain, Robustfagotto 2008

Installation & Self-portrait from reflection of Seagram Building

John Chamberlain, Pineapplesurprise 2010 (instagrammed)

This installation was coordinated through Gagosian Gallery and is up until November 16, 2012. Read more!

Even If I knew I could only know what I thought it meant. –John Chamberlain


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