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For the past week I have been doing most of my grad reading at a coffeeshop called The Bean on 3rd st and 2nd ave. It doubles as an art gallery and I’d been staring at the large printed photographs on a particular wall for quite a while before I finally got up to find out who the artist was. Robert Herman is a Brooklyn based photographer who got his masters from SVA. He has a couple different series on his website and each one explores the city, from various perspectives. I really love his Ripples series, it reminds me of impressionist paintings. Here are some of my favorite shots from each of his series, but go check his work out for yourself. 
Robert Herman, Untitled from People viewseries.

Robert Herman, Untitled from Places viewseries

Robert Herman, Untitled from The New Yorkers viewseries

Robert Herman, Untitled from Hipstamatic/Iphone

Robert Herman, Untitled from Ripples viewseries

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