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This week in…Instagram

1. I massacred some mussels @ a dinner party  2. I went rowing in Central Park 3. I snuck a bagel into the 10 am. showing of Dark Knight Rises (it was $10 cheaper to see it that early)  4. I hung with the Dino’s at the American Museum of Natural History 5. I went vintage shopping around Williamsburg 6. I sat on a shore in Brooklyn and spotted my apartment 7. I put the finishing touches on my room 8. & I picked up this wonderful embroidery  at the Hester Street Fair by Crooked Sister!

This week in… Links 

I am anxious to see this alumni exhibition @ SVA this week. I was happy to see CNN commission artists to make work about power in America and thought the results were super. My days of mispronouncing contemporary artists names are over with this smart cheat sheet on pronunciation. I watched this video by the Whitney Museum of a viewer entering Fireflies on the Water. I chuckled at Hyperallergic’s Artist’s Comic Strip. I read the conversation happening over Hyperallergic’s Reddit on Mitt Romney’s plans to cut art funding. Even though she’s only 14, I feel like me and Maude Apatow should be best friends.. Check out her stance on Twitter and her write-up in the NYT. & finally I enjoyed this video of New York City Subway Art..

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  1. Good info today. Now I can pronounce some difficult artist’s names. I new quite a few, but not all. Your room looks cute… A little too tidy, but cute.

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