music that saves you, when you’re not so sure you’ll survive

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For those of you that have been around here since the beginning.. you know this blog used to be named JAQsmannequin after my muse and all-time favorite singer, Andrew McMahon from the band Jack’s Mannequin. I have a tattoo of the bands logo behind my right ear, a bright blue asterisk that represents everyone traveling on separate paths but all being connected by love. I have been to exactly 20 Jack’s Mannequin concerts. I belted the lyrics to “Everything In Transit”, swayed with the crowd and felt just as invincible being 24 as I did when I was 17.  When Andrew McMahon got cancer, I wore his orange “11:11 AM” cancer bracelet every single day for two years until it was so thin and faded it ripped in half. Jack’s Mannequin was as much apart of my awkward adolescence angst as the camera around my neck. Probably even more. So I guess that’s why I take their break-up announcement so personally.  Jack’s Mannequin gave me more than a lullaby to handle the confusion, they gave me something to believe in. 

I am lucky. I did not choose this life. It chose me. It’s strange like that; not picking my path, but rather easing into the water and letting it carry me where it will. Yes, there will be nights where I feel like my destiny is at my fingertips and there will be nights I wish the lights were off and I could just make these sounds in the dark. Still, I will always be there, wherever there might be, staring into blackness hoping the blackness stares back at me.– Andrew McMahon

I used to talk about Jack’s Mannequin ALOT on here.. check out some past posts if you’re curious. here & here & here

Andrew McMahons new solo website.. which has tons of beautiful prose, photographs and videos. (which it where ^ came from)

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