Let me come home.

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and I am back! For the past week I have been in Texas for my brother’s official homecoming. It was such an amazing experience and the Welcome Home Party I have been planning for the past month, went off without a hitch. I had a blast crafting and decorating Cadillac Pub with an insane amount of patriotic gear. The entire room was vibrating with nothing but love and happiness as all our family, friends, past teachers and the mayor, gathered to welcome my brother home. I even mustered enough courage to give a brief speech! I could not be more proud of my big brother and the party was the perfect happy ending to such a dark year.

 (can you spot the cardboard cut out of my brother in one of these pictures? His friends made it of him while he was in Afghanistan so he could still be in the pictures at his best friends wedding.. ridiculously awesome.) 

During my stay in Texas, I somehow managed to abstain from the internet the entire trip. No art blogs. No news/gossip sites. No googlereader. I watched an embarrassing amount of Duck Dynasty, savored every second with my cat, George (I  can’t take him to NYC with me..) & hung out with my brother. Very relaxing but It’s back to reality.. and I have a ton to catch up on. Be back after the weekend with lots of artthings! 

isn’t he purrfect? I miss him so much already.. 

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  1. That was an awesome welcome home for Stephen. You did an amazing job. I took lots of photos too. Would you like some? Did you see the YouTube video I posted? I put it on my Facebook page. I’m not sure if I have your regular email address.

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