Dinosaur Poop

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Lux: Undergraduate Creative Review is a magazine funded by the Barrett Honors College at ASU, that showcases student work in the form of a book each semester. This review has such a wide range of work, from music, to art, to stories and poems. Over 1,000 people submit a semester and out of that number only about 50 make it into the published edition. Since my freshmen year  I have been really interested in this publication, however I was always to shy to actually submit anything. Well, I figured if I never give it a try, I will never even have the option to succeed, so I shallowed my nerves and submitted two pieces I wrote. I am somewhat shocked, but mostly thrilled to announce that a poem I wrote “Dinosaur Poop” was indeed chosen to be published in this Springs edition. I wrote this poem two years ago actually, in a creative writing class I took, and I find it fitting since the theme directly corresponds with my photographic Letters from Stephen series that is currently up at Urban Outfitters.

Either way, I thought I would share it with ya’ll, and I would be more then happy to mail a copy to whoever is interested in purchasing a copy from me! Just leave a comment and we can make arrangements!

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