Happy Days and Nights.

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this week in….Instagram

1. I rode the subway too early for even the commuters. 2. I did some grad school reading 3. found the most peaceful spot @ Central Park 4. laughed at the impatient cabbies @ a NYC gas station 5. walked home admiring the Chrysler Building 6. Loved this digital American flag in Times Square 7. checked out the Chelsea Market 8. took a cheap bus to Philly 9. Ate an authentic Philly Cheesesteak from Geno’s and their rival across the street, Pat’s (Pat’s totally won) 10. I saw the Liberty Bell through a window. 11. Loved this interactive public art piece. (I didn’t write the cat lady line, but I fully support it.) 12.  & I fell in love with this art piece by Stefan Sagmeister

This week in… Links

I really connected with this Photography and poetry series by Ester Lee. I liked this action demo by A Beautiful Mess. I read this article on the indefinite delay of Christo’s Over the River project. I was sad to hear that Herb Vogel passed away. I looked at this photo gallery of all the Olympic Street Art.  I loved this article on one of my former photo classmates from the Phoenix New Times.  This  NYT article on the 1972 map of the NYC subway stations made me happy. & I finally saw Moonrise Kingdom and can confidently say it was the best movie I have seen all summer. Maybe even my new favorite Wes Anderson film. (It’s hard to beat the Royal Tenenbaums)

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