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I am off to Philadelphia for the weekend, bound to see a lot of new art. I will leave you with this video I shot of Julius Popp’s Bit Fall  & a message from a little street cat! Later.

4 thoughts on “love, love, love

  1. Wow, Julius Popp’s Bit Fall is an amazing piece. I love the sound of the water hitting the grating at the bottom.

    It reminds me a bit of those pieces, not sure who did them, of a vertical line of LED’s… and if you shake your head back and forth you see text.

    It’s interesting, the piece is kind of Jenny Holzer-ish… yet it’s also SO techno-fetishistic, I for sure enjoy the spectacle, but it’s so overwhelmed by its own spectacle, I wonder if it can say anything beyond or other than that?

    Was the F2F experience of the piece different from this video experience? Did you have a more visceral response inhabiting the space with it?

    Really interesting, thanks for sharing Jacque, have a lovely time in Philadelphia!

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