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been quite a busy girl, traveling and getting all packed and ready for the big move to NYC tomorrow (!!!) Here is some of the art I’ve seen this week. 

Sui Jianguo, Jurassic Age 2006 @ Phoenix Art Museum

Stephen Marc, Untitled from Passage on the Underground Railroads 2006-2009  @ Phoenix Art Museum

Peter Sarkisian, Book 1 2012 @ SMoCA

watch this piece here!

James Turrell, Knight Rise  @ SMoCA

Keith Haring, Untitled part of Phoenix Art Museum’s Paper!

Rebecca Campbell, Jack and Diane 2004 @ Phoenix Art Museum 

Margaret Cabrera, The Craft of Resistance 2008 @ El Paso Art Museum

3 thoughts on “all this and nothing

  1. thanks for sharing some of the art work from the phoenix and el paso art museum’s, they all have their unique perception…and how the work is draws one’s eyes’s through the work.

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