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this week in... Instagram

1. I went night swimming 2. I scanned & edited a ton 3. I had a 4th of july twin 4. I worked my last shift as a waitress (hopefully ever!) 5. I leant some of my favorite wall art out to my friends for the next year 6. & 7.  I hired movers and paid them with my bruddah buddha 8. I marveled at some trinkets 9. &  I realized no matter where I am, I feel safest surrounded by so many friends. {find me on instagram, username – thedreambeing}

this week in… Links

I was proud the Fort Worth Modern, made this list of top beautiful museums. I liked Thomas Prior’s Firework Photographs here. I read this article on the many woes of Christo and Jean Claude’s ambitious and potentially harmful, Colorado Project, Over the River here. I learned that Hemingway’s Farewell to Arms had many alternative endings here. I liked the Walker Art Center’s Closed Mondays Photo series here.  I am more excited to see Richard Avedon’s Murals & Portraits at Gagosian next week after reading this. 

& finally, I really want to see HBO’s documentary on Marina Abramovic’s The Artist is Present


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