it remains to be seen

Art, Photography

Nan Goldin, Fog Brides-les-bain 2002 gallery.

Luke Brynes, Untitled 2011 artistpage.

Nadine Rovner, Untitled from Portfolio III artistwebsite.

Jason John Wurm, Untitled from Northeast. artistwebsite.

Bill Jacobson, New Years Day #4550, 2003 artistwebsite.

4 thoughts on “it remains to be seen

  1. Wow, thanks Adrian! That means a lot especially coming from you.. I really just spend a lot of time searching the internet and looking through books. I usually start with an artist then explore links from their page, and so on. I also collect images and ideas, so whenever I find a photographer or photograph I like I put it in a collections folder so I can find them again and make connections between other peoples work.

    Thanks for the nomination, how fun!!

    1. That’s really cool. Thanks for sharing your creative process ;) I’ve discovered some really great photography though you so keep up the good work, lady!

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