Come One, Come All

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The photographs are printed, matted, framed, and hung. The lights have been set. The food has been bought. All that’s left is for the clock to strike 6 pm tomorrow, (Tuesday March 23), for the reception of Persisting Events to begin. So, for the last time I am going to give you a couple more reasons to come out and support the ASU Photography program and check out some student work!

Persiting Events is a senior group exhibition featuring 7 photography students at Arizona State University. It deals with the individual subject matters that has dominated our work, as well as continue to persist upon us the change and ideas that we are developing as artists. Each day transforms into the next, making us examine the causes and effects of our lives. Isela Wong challenges us to think about how a marriage changes once the kids have grown up and moved out. Scott Snyder shows the consistencies within our days, a half eaten apple tossed on the ground one day, is photographed by another student, which is then re-photographed completing some kind of harmonious connection within his wall of 100 gridded photographs. Danielle Savedra shows the power of God in her collection, Naomi Spears replicates grafitti art, while Laura Spittler explores spiritual death and the scientific process of documenting forensics. and my work questions the effects toys have on the kids playing with them.

So if that didn’t convince you… Here is my

Top Ten Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Miss This Show

10. This is our senior show, so for many this is our last body of work as students and its shows what we have learned and how we have grown.

9. There will be sparkling punch, cheese, hummus, crackers, fruits, and cookies!

8. It’s an excuse to look nice and socialize with the artists in the area

7. The ASU Art Museum, Step Gallery, and Northlight Gallery are all open late on Tuesday’s too, so you can do a mini art walk

6.  You have nothing else to do on a Tuesday night.

5. It’s right off Mill which offers many places to eat and drink before or after!

4. Looking at Art is good for the Heart!

3. You Love me.

2. We put A LOT of time and work into the success of this show.

and Reason Number 1. You don’t want to miss Scott Snyder‘s wall of 100 4×6 Photographs recording his day to day life over the past two months, Pattie Harmdierk‘s psychedelic and vibrant huge color photographs, Laura Spittler‘s exploration of death and her artistic take on  forensic photography documentation, Danielle Savedra‘s wall of her involvement with her Church, Naomi Spear‘s graffiti inspired images, Isela Wong‘s profound and engaging portraits of her parents, and My work depicting miniature toy soldiers and the relationship they form with excerpts written from my brother who is a 2nd Lieutenant in the U.S. Army!!

Campus Map, Locating Gallery 100

* The Reception is at Gallery 100, located on the corner of University and Mill in the same red building as Saks Sandwhiches. It is a come and go, that will begin at 6 and end at 8! Please ask if there are any other questions!

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