because the real is no longer possible

Art, Photography, Poetry

While I was curating this mini-series of photographs I was trying to think of a way to articulate what I was thinking… but then I read the last artist featured here’s statement for his book Meadowlands and I realized he said it perfectly. So I shall borrow his words to lend to you, and hope you feel it too. 

Phillip Miller, Untitled artistwebsite.

Phillip Miller, Untitled artistwebsite.

Scott Snyder, Untitled (Circles of Confusion) 2012 artistwebsite.

Jason John Wurm, Untitled from Southern California artistwebsite.

Joshua Lutz, Untitled, Safe Guard from Meadowlands artistwebsite.

Joshua Lutz, Untitled, Airplane from Meadowlands artistwebsite. a place to pass through and forget on the way to someplace else. [It is this loneliness and solitude that continues to bring me back.]  These disparate images tell different stories; like songs on an album that build upon each other. Each one may be about something specific. More often than not, the specifics are less important than the feelings conveyed. – Joshua Lutz [excerpts taken from HERE]

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