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{I wanted to get this post up earlier but I have been troubleshooting my finicky scanner nearly all day. Now that I finally have it working I am rushed to get things scanned and semi-edited before I go into work.. so just a warning, this photograph is not what it could/should be.}

Yesterday, my Grandpa Jack got inducted into the Army Quartermaster Hall of Fame in Fort Lee, Virginia. I shot this photograph of him right before he left with my Bronica. Congratulations Grandpa, I am so proud of you! I Love you and hope you enjoyed your big day!

2 thoughts on “legacy

  1. Your Grandfather was a Quartermaster in WWII? What battalion was he with? My father was from the 110 QM Regiment which eventually became the 35th QM Battalion. I am looking for others. I am telling his story on my blog. Thanks to your grandfather for serving and congrats on the honor!

  2. Nancy,

    My grandfather was a quartermaster in the Gulf War and Korean War. What a great idea to tell your father’s story on your blog, I will definitely check it out. It is such an honor to be related to such outstanding leaders and I know like you, I could not be prouder.

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