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This week in..                                        Instagram

1. I did some decoratin’ and organizin’ 2. I tried convincing my cat George, he didn’t want to go visit my brother in Afghanistan 3. I chuckled at these napkins AKA spontaneous genius sketch paper 4. I tried a fancy manicure 5. I was in awe of fireworks. 6. I enjoyed the downpour 7. I started tackling my 6 page required summer reading list for Grad school. 8 & 9.  and finally I felt like celebrating with some found street confetti!

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This week in….                                                    Links

I looked at wonderful double exposures by famous artists here. I enjoyed the GIFS on this tribute to Lane Pyrce of MadMen here. I read an article about Brian Ulrich’s new photo book Is This Place Great or What here. I am thinking of ways to contribute to Ester Lee’s project Save The Hand Written Note , you should too here!  I re-read and was energized by Jack Kerouac’s Rules for Life here.  I was happy for a fellow arizona artist, William LeGoullon for getting tons of coverage this week for his photo project, Fingerprints of Drinkable Culture here.  & here. and finally I watched this amazing video of skateboarder Kilian Martin by filmmaker Brett Novak. (seriously if you only watch one thing today.. this should be it.)

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