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 I have been MIA the past couple days because I took a short but jammed packed trip to  my favorite place in the world, Arizona. Even though I am quite outspoken about my detest for Instagram photography, I decided to give the app a try and document my trip using it. I don’t think my opinion has changed much, although it does make my photos look “cool” and more nostalgic.. I still find people who use it and think they are the greatest photographers ever… irritating.

Either way  I spent the weekend embracing all of my favorite local spots (minus mellow mushroom but hey, I only went there for my favorite local beer) I love Phoenix’s personality and really believe Local is always better. 

Bloody Mary @ RnR

Texas follows me.

friends @ Cafe Boa

lunch @ Pane Bianco

Papago Brewery Orange Blossom @ Mellow Mushroom

Gregory Crewdson @ Phoenix Art Museum 

Sticker @ Cartel Coffee Lab

the greatest burger ever @ Valley Ho

Yoga @ Yoga Nirvana

my last time in Kusama’s Firefly room @ the Phoenix Art Museum for a while.

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  1. LOL everyone is a fantastic photographer now, thanks to instagram! LOL What is your instagram name? I want to follow you! I’m AdrianLovesOwls

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