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Ok. I am going to go there.. The New Aesthetic.. the “burgeoning art movement” that seems to have suddenly exploded every blog, tumblr and art discussion. As Bruce Sterling calls it “an eruption of the digital into the physical”.. the invisible becoming visible. The place where life meets internet becomes experience turned art.

After scrolling through the official New Aesthetic blog started by leader (?) James Bridle I find the movement a little abstract and confused right now.. but I think possibly we are still too close to it. The internet has undoubtedly become the new vehicle for exploring the way technology has molded our lives and I think, The New Aesthetic is the how.  We are still finding out exactly what has changed and more importantly, what it means for art. Where do we truly exist? Can art exist online? Is it the same online? Must it be brought to physical manifestation? Has iphones, tumblr, flickr, instagram, facebook, gmail, google, etc infiltrated a reality that is becoming more than just cyberspace? Is virtual reality seeping into the physical? Which is more real? What does it all mean? What does it all mean!

Where the F**K Was I?, James Bridle, A book of 202 maps composed of data locations retrieved from his Iphone buybook.

Doug Rickard,#96.749058, A New American Picture 2008 artistwebsite.

Penelope Umbrico, Sunset Portraits from Flickr 2010-ongoing artistwebsite. 

via hit the mark

Jacque Donaldson, Skype Portraits of Brother through Afghan Deployment 2011-2012 more.

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