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I wanted to share a few of the art, photography and design blogs that I follow in hope that all you wonderful readers would share with me the blogs you can’t live without! Please, Please, don’t be shy.. I want to know what kind of blogs ya’ll follow!

Here is my top 10 list.

1. Museumnerd I like this blog because it covers everything from east to west coast,  street art, gallery shows and major exhibitions. Great Quirky tumblr!

2. Exposures  Apertures blog Exposures keeps me up to date about art fairs, photography exhibitions and artist projects.

3.500 Photographers Pieter Wisse’s project blog 500 Photographers is a great source for  EIM. [Education, Inspiration, Motivation] Though he is already on #448, his  archives are easy to navigate and the news section is worthy enough for a long-term follow!

4. Self Publish, Be Happy.  A friend turned me on to this fantastic blog featuring all self-published and mostly hand-made photography books. I always am discovering new artists from this site and am always excited for new posts!

5. Claire Atkinson  I have shown the work of Claire Atkinson before and really I just think she is one of the best film based photographers out there right now.

6. AdrienLovesOwls Yes, I went to school with Adrien and yes, her blog is perfect for any photographer, artist, thrifty fashionista, vegan-loving, garden growing and DIY seeker, out there! So go check it out!

7. 365LuckyDays This daring woman embroiders a different piece of art, every. single. day. If that’s not awesome, I don’t know what is. follow her on twitter!

8. The Dainty Squid Her blog is everything random and magical. From lost treasure on the beach, cats, keyboards, and awesome style. Her blog inspires me everyday.

9. Pretty Worthy Megh offers creative DIYs, fashion finds that make it all too tempting to empty my bank account, food recipes, and great design tips all delivered through eloquent prose.

10. PleaseRememberyouARE  Visual pleasure that either makes you go WTF (in a good way) or breathe a sigh of relief. Other words, it’s perfect. 

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