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My mentor and former photo professor, Betsy Scheider got a Guggenheim Fellowship last year. This is an insane accomplishment and very well deserved. Everything I know about Photography, I learned from her and really, I could not have more respect and gratitude towards her. Not only was she Sally Mann’s assistant for a couple of years, she also just was the Director of SPE held in San Francisco this year. Betsy’s Digital Class when we were required to take a photograph at 8am, 3PM, and 8pm. This is 3pm, obviously.

when she went to accept her Guggenheim in NYC, she still made us come to class and she taught via Skype. oh, technology!

Her Guggenheim project is called Triskaidekaphobia [which means to fear the number 13] and for the fellowship she is photographing and documenting 250 thirteen year old girls in one year.

Learn more about the project by liking her page on Facebook.  Please, contact her if you know a 13 year old who would like to be involved with this exciting project!

Learn more about her project here. visit her artist websitehere. 

ALSOin other I wish I was still in art school news, one of my former pherds and classmates, Adrien Lesoing, just put up an awesome DIY tutorial of how to do photo transfers to wood at her blog, Adrianlovesowls. The process looks super easy and the result is so cool, I can’t wait to make my own next week! Check it out here… 

2 thoughts on “sending yall away

  1. It is so cool that our professor received a Guggenheim and the project that she’s doing is going to be amazing! Thanks for sharing a link to my DIY! :) I wanna see how yours turns out, if you do it!

    xx Adrian

  2. I know I am excited to see how her project goes. I wanted to volunteer my cousin but she just turned 14 :( I am trying to gather the supplies for the wood transfers.. where did you get the Dass Transfer Film?

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