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I wasted a lot of time looking at this list of the 20 best artist websites. (I still think Cory Arcangel deserves a spot)

I think this crazy opportunity to have work shown on a jumbo screen in NYC through Art Takes Time Square is pretty cool.

This article about a collector sueing William Eggleston for re-printing editions of his old photographs brings up some interesting ideas about photography.

I wish I could see the Mark Rothko inspired play RED featuring Jonathon Groff in LA this spring.

This assistant ‘s account of working on Damien HIrst’s notorious Spot paintings, makes me hate him as an artist even more.

I have fallen more in love with FlakPhoto.com with the new addition of The Collection (seriously, photo heaven)

I am amazed by Doug Aitken’s Song 1, projected on the entire rotunda building of the Hirschhorn…

I can’t wait to go see Glen Ligons’ traveling retrospective America  at the Fort Worth Modern this week.

and I finally watched the beautiful music video to a song that means the world to me, and almost cried.

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