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Today I thought I would share a photographer who I have found so much inspiration from.  His name is Robert Frank, and he is most known for his book called “The Americans” which is said to have captured America as it truly was in the 60’s, from his Switzerland born eyes. The images are raw, quick, unplanned and hurried. I look at them and am immediately energized as he bounces from one state to another, capturing everything from a desolate road leading to nowhere in the middle of New Mexico, to a bored, blurred, demon girl, in an elevator of business class men, to a strong and brave black women holding an angelic baby in Charleston, South Carolina. He places such an urgency on life, not ruling out anything as unimportant. This is America, political, sweet, cruel, sacred and sad, but still, oh so beautiful. Robert Frank has the fever, his images may hold imperfections, but how can one plan for perfection when everything around us is happening so fast and when everything is so sacred, and ever-deserving?

“The humor, the sadness, the EVERYTHING-ness and American-ness of these pictures!”- Jack Kerouac

“As American a picture- the faces don’t editorialize or criticize or say anything but “This is the way we are in real life and if you don’t like it I don’t know anything about it ’cause I’m living my own life my way and may God bless us all, mebbe”… “if we deserve it”..- Jack Kerouac, Intro to the American’s by Robert Frank

Cafe- Beaufort, South Carolina

“What image might children today have of The Photographer? Paparazzo; war correspondent; fashion imp; happy pornographer. If, however, you suggested that a photographer might also be a poet-im not sure they would have a clue what you were talking about. Or why a photographer might want such a thing”- Robert Frank

Crosses at Scene of highway accident, U.S. 91, Idaho

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