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Generally since a very young age, I have been aware of how I am being seen. This is an idea that I believe (mostly) woman can identify with. This level of self-conciousness stems from a couple things. Our society’s tendency to shun away anything that is different, “anything that doesn’t fit the mold.” and most importantly the volume and praise of images depicting women in unrealistic but supposedly desirable ways. These two aspects combined, can create a a lethal and very troubling outcome. This awareness of constantly being looked at, can drive one crazy, fog logic, lead to serious health problems, as well as muffle creativity, and that confidence that allows us to take chances.

I just came across this article, through a friend’s twitter, that is upfront, uninhibited, and honest. I could sit here and re-iterate everything the article says, but I think she can say it better. What I can do though, is show you my own works that explores the boundaries of beauty and perfection. Everyone is intimidated by the images thrown at us daily, but I believe there is room for change.

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