the more i sought the truth, the brighter they shone

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still traveling, here’s what I’ve been up to…


Joseph Kosuth, One and Three Chairs,  at the Centre Pompidou

Antony Gormley’s sculpture on Broad St. in Oxford. Read more.

brother at Paris laundry mat

Yayoi Kusama’s environmental room I am here, but nothing at the Tate Modern

Angela Palmer’s Ghost Forest outside the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford. read more

Human Fish Tank [elevatortoeiffeltower]

Claes Oldenberg, Giant 3 way Plug Scale 2/3, at the Tate Modern

Cerith Wyn Evans Inverse Reverse Preverse at the Tate Britain

I hope the boundless love for humanity will envelop the whole world- Yayoi Kusama

7 thoughts on “the more i sought the truth, the brighter they shone

  1. Jac! These photos are amazing – thanks for sharing all these places I can only pretend to be from my couch!! Haha, tell Stephen hello for me!! Enjoy your time!

  2. Thanks!! Megh, It’s defiantly been quite the experience.. you would love Oxford, a ton of writers and history, but also very modern.

    Josh, I loved that bath piece too. I wasn’t expecting to like the Tate Britain so much, they have quite an impressive contemporary collection!

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