the week.end.

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I am a little behind on the february challenge, as this has been a crazy week for me. We just wrapped up installing a huge exhibition at the museum and now I immediately must focus on my next big project… which is packing up the last 6 years of my life out here in Arizona to move back to Texas next week. I am excited to re-locate for a bit and know that the change in scenery will only bring greater insight and clarity to my life and I will continue to share my experiences  with you. Plus I now have a whole new art scene to discover! With that said… here’s the last 3 days of the challenge.

Thrift, 2 for $1.00 penguins


lucky dollar


more work  Adrian Megan Esther Theresa

4 thoughts on “the week.end.

  1. Why are you moving to Texas? Grad school? Yes, I will be in the darkroom again this Sunday. It was kinda busy last Sunday. Virginia signed me up for a time in the advanced room…maybe she can sign you up for a time also, if you’re not too busy with packing and stuff.

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