Feb Photo A Day Challenge!

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My friend and fellow ASU pherd (photo nerd) Mrs. Adrian Lesoing is hosting a 29 day Photo Challenge over at her wonderful blog Adrianlovesowl. It’s strange accustoming to not being in art school and consistently having projects to work on, (being an artist is life, in life there aren’t semesters or due dates.) Although I have been working on a few things since graduation, I am excited to participate in Adrian’s challenge for the opportunity to share and interact with some fellow artists again. Here is my photograph for today and the challenge..

Empty (orfull)

I wanted to invite all of ya’ll to join in this adventure!  Please, don’t be shy….grab your camera, go out and explore, see and share with us this month! You can leave a comment here or over at Adrian’s with links to your images. Hope to see some of ya’lls work soon!

3 thoughts on “Feb Photo A Day Challenge!

  1. haha so close and not very far… its in the Art building!! I liked the clock because its void of time; full of possibilities but also functionally useless.. Have you gone to see Andy’s show in Harry Wood? pretty fantastic..

    and Yes, I would LOVE to break into the color darkroom.. I just need to find paper, when were you thinking of going?

    1. I haven’t seen it yet, but I probably should! Andy has some pretty out neat sculptures so I will have to check it out. Great photo, BTW!

      I JUST ordered photo paper so if it get’s here soon, I’ll be working in the darkroom this Sunday. I have an exhibition coming up so I will most likely be in the lab each Sunday afternoon/evening for the next several weeks. Call or text me if you want to join me (PLEASE!) 480-310-3333

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