Sh*t Photographers Say

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I know there’s one of these videos for practically everything these days, but this one makes me laugh mostly because I say at least 98% of these.

My favorites? Ugh, this is too magenta, I only  shoot film There’s dust everywhere! Also I think most photographers have done the whole cliche tree bark shot. What photo jargon are you most guilty of?

Also, since we are on the subject (haha) check out my new re-designed website HERE

3 thoughts on “Sh*t Photographers Say

    1. haha thanks!!! I think if there was one for the asu photo program all that would be missing is… “Hey do you know if the color processor is down?” “I pulled an all-nighter in Matthews last night.” “This place is totally haunted” “Caseys tonight?” and “Let’s go sit on the stoop”

      Also, your blog layout is amazing and I am going to attempt your photo challenge!! : )

      1. That is so true! Speaking of the color processor…I’m going to be sneaking into the color darkroom to get some Suburbia prints made…do you have anything you need to print? I hate being there all alone!!

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