Pictures of Pictures

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 [All Photographs of..]  Tina Barney, Mr. and Mrs. Castelli, 1998 taken at MoMA See the “real” thing here. 

Michael P. Berman, Untitled, Wandering at Northlight Gallery 2011 More. 

John Baldessari, from Pure Beauty at the Met, 2011 MORE

Nadia Sablin, Untitled from Together and Alone II, at Harry Wood Gallery 2011 MORE 

Spenser Loofa Lee, Untitled from Toxic Summer,  at Gallery 100, 2010 MORE

Danielle and Starry Night, at MoMA 2012

Read When the Camera Takes Over for the Eye, Roberta Smith, NYT

One thought on “Pictures of Pictures

  1. I’m really feeling the juxtaposition of my horrendous puffy jacket next to the beautiful art :) (Such a good day by the way!)

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