commodified landscape

Art, exhibitions, Poetry

Matthew Moore is an artist and the last of 4 generations to farm his family’s land outside Phoenix, Arizona. Since 2004, due to suburbanization he has watched as the family farm has been sold off piece by piece. He has made some really smart and sensitive work about this rapid change and has explored how identity is connected to land. Through projects like the Digital Farm Collective and Urban Transplanter, he has placed an emphasis on the importance of educating about the process of growing produce and what it truly means to buy a pound of, say squash, at the supermarket. Does knowing who grew your food, how long it took, the labor, resources and process of farming change the relationship you have with food, your surrounding land and identity? In a project debuted at Sundance Film Festival in 2011, Matthew Moore presented lifecycles, a series of short time-lapsed videos that showed what it looks like and just how long it takes to grow various produce. He played these videos on TV monitors installed at a grocery story in Park City, UT corresponding with each vegetable featured. Watch the videos here. and read more about Matthew Moore and his installation art here. 

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