12 drummers… drumming

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all images Adam Ferguson, from the series Wardak 2009 MORE
This year the holidays certainly have gained a new meaning with my  brother overseas fighting for our country. With the packed malls, blaring christmas tunes and abundance of clever advertisements, its hard not to get caught up in all the hype of the commercial aspects of Christmas.  But remember Christmas ultimately is about being near the ones you love, celebrating life, love, kindness, religion, peace and whatever traditions that mean the most to you. So cherish all the happiness around you and take a moment to appreciate those who sacrifice everyday so that you have that freedom to live your life to the fullest. Know that on Christmas day, maybe all our soldiers want.. is a hot shower and a strong enough internet connection to skype the ones they miss. That certainly puts my holiday in perspective.

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  1. Nice catch… this is exactly what the area I am in looks like…. Wardak is the name of the province next to the province I am in… hell, my district borders Wardak… pretty lucky you found picture of it… Merry Christmas, Happy New Year… awesome work on the project

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