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For one of my classes I was asked to answer a few questions about myself and my work to help prepare for interviews and press. I thought in an attempt to help form a stronger relationship with the people out there in blog world, I’d share some of my answers! So here you go..

Who is your favorite artist?

Robert Frank. His black and white images prove that passion, and instinct triumph over technique. His camera and his eye are one in the same, and he asks us to look at the moment, and trust in first instinct. Life is too urgent for perfection, too important to just sit and prepare.

Generally an idea inspires me. It could be something going on in the world, a moment that lingered, or a piece of art that affected me. I then decide the best method to make a photograph that would most affectively mimic how I felt.  I could just go out and wander letting my lens do the leading, or plan out and set up scenes.


How would you describe your ideal client?

Rich and educated, but not arrogant or snobby. Money isn’t everything, or in fact, anything really, but I want to be able to live off my creative energy. However, I would rather give a photograph to someone for free who truly appreciated it, rather then sell the same image for a ton of money to someone who didn’t really believe in me.  I want to appeal to people who are smart and have passion. Those are inspired and want to inspire.

When I’m stuck in traffic, I usually either call a friend or my mother, or jam. And I mean JAM. I will frantically search for the best song that will match my mood. Sometimes it’s a soulful ballad like “Splitting up Christmas” by Kevin Devine, “Lillaby” by Jack’s Mannequin or Jacque Donaldson“I Believe in Me and You” by Whitney Houston, especially if the traffic is inconvenient. But, other days, if the weather is vibrant and the urgency vacant, its full air-instrument grooving force, usually to an under ground rap song or classic rock tune.

On Saturday night you can find me OUT. You are only careless and in college once. This is the time to be social, and a little reckless. There is hardly a night that I am home watching TV. I want to have memories and experiences that will define me, as this time period should.

In another life, I was definitely a spider. I have unnaturally amazing skills at rock climbing and tree climbing. I also could have been a dolphin because I am an exceptional swimmer.


On my nightstand, you’ll find a couple candles, clock, and an old 1950’s Kodak Brownie. But in my nightstand, you’ll find the good stuff. Multiple journals, pens, and current books I am reading are mixed among the cough drops and retainers.

One thing I want to do before I die is travel to Europe, publish a book, go to Graduate school, run a gallery, start a non-profit for Art Education, sky dive, do a cross-country road trip, and inspire. always.

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