12 days of christmas challenge

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Every year on the day after Thanksgiving me and my mom used to head down to NorthPark Mall (before the fancy remodel) to see their eclectic but charming collection of worn Christmas decorations. They had this huge wooden 12 Days of Christmas music box, that played on the half hour. It was barely working, in fact I think I only ever saw all the 12 day components working at the same time once. There were so many times where we’d arrive to where it was placed and wait and wait for the song to begin. But it ran on it’s own clock that was never consistent with real time. The music was so outdated and it was mostly static blaring way to loudly through the ol’ stereo system.. but still it was our ritual and  it never truly felt like Christmas until I sat through it.

I am not one for blog challenges but when I saw this one hosted by For the Love of Blogs and Casa del Hansen, I just had to participate. I haven’t gotten my 12 days of Christmas on in years… and I’ve rather missed it!

So here is Day ONE of the 12 days of Christmas challenge: Art edition… A Partridge in a Pear Tree.

  William Eggleston, Untitled (Christmas Trees) 1967

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