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I think it’s important to always surround yourself with positivity, especially when it pertains to the spaces you spend the most time in. The past couple weeks I’ve been slowly but surely getting all the art I have acquired over the years, up onto my big bare walls. I love being able to look up when ever I am lost in thought and see beautiful work. As it always is when I look at good art, I find myself inspired, motivated and more willing to go create.

my prints from top to bottom: This is So Great, explodingdog store //  I think of You in Colors That Don’t Exist Print, Urban Outfitters // When You Run Out of Stars, Marc Johns store // J Letter Print, given to me by Ms. Sarah Waite, from EakDesign on Etsy.

So with the holidays approaching, I just wanted to remind everyone that there is nothing more perfect and personal, than a truly great piece of art. But instead of going out to the nearest IKEA or ZGallerie.. go check out some local art festivals, galleries, or on-line print shops. Do some research and find some local artists to support, or become your own artist by heading down to the neighborhood art supply store. There are a ton of online video tutorials on painting, photography, and knitting. Try something new.  And trust me, having art hanging in your home that you are personally connected to is so much more charming.

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