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For those of you that aren’t able to attend Artists Tell Stories (Mostly About Themselves) at the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, you should at least spend some time on featured artist, Jon Gitelson’s Garbage Can Project website.

For three years Gitelson placed extensive surveillance outside his Chicago apartment, in order to track his garbage can that kept getting stolen. A project that began as a photograph a day, eventually led to video surveillance that proved even more mischief than he initially expected. From a homeless cat sitting on the lid, to a man in a suit throwing his empty coffee cup into the cart as he quickly walks on, to random people trying on a hat that was left behind,  he has compiled all of the human interactions and misadventures in to an interactive website that chronologically shows the trash can’s life. (and yes, it does get stolen. alot.)

It’s an interesting and quite humorous project that took an insane amount of commitment. Check it out at the museum or spend some time on his website . (His other works are just as entertaining and he has some really great artist books too) Anyway, let me know what you think!

Jon Gitelson, I Wave in Front of Every Apartment That I’ve Ever Lives In Except For One, Title Page, 2008

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