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I just started  reading the founder and curator of The New Museum of Contemporary Art, Marcia Tucker’s, book; A Short Life of Trouble: Forty Years in the New York Art World. I am only a couple chapters in but I find it well written, hilarious, and quite wise. Her honest insight into her life in the art world and her success through chasing her interests, has really caused me to reflect back on my own journey so far. It’s really inspiring to see how a career can unfold out of passion.

Works of art are like people. Some you don’t feel like spending time with after you’ve met. Others seem interesting, but you’re scheduled and don’t want to make any more commitments. Once in a while, you fall madly in love and have a wild affair- until someone else comes along and steals your heart. And sometimes you become friends and the friendship grows and deepens and … lasts a lifetime. – Marcia Tucker, A Short Life of Trouble: forty years in the new york art world. 

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