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would love to see Sherrie Levine’s solo show, Mayhem at the Whitney. cant’ wait to buy Kurt Vonnegut’s new biography here, ASAP. This review of the replaying of a lecture given by Diane Arbus nearly 41 years ago, gave me the chills. I am bummed that their aren’t any good knitting tutorials for lefties. I enjoy this publication, Afghanistan Blueys  by Tim and Matt Bowditch featured on this addicting blog. It’d be amazing to see the Cattelan exhibition at the Guggenheim, where the art truly challenges the demanding architecture through this radical act of hanging. I wasted too much time today with this picture list of the 20 most bizarre Public Art pieces. and finally, I love everything about Emma Stone’s SNL skit Les jeunes de Paris  [[sorry for the crappy youtube video that’s all thats out on the web]]

and finally.. if nothing else works..

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