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I attended this lecture  last night at the Phoenix Art Museum. ( <- click to watch the entire thing via Ustream)

The open conversation between Micol Hebron of Chapman University and artists, Rebecca Campbell and Angela Ellsworth, gave valuable insight into the work of both artists and was a perfect addition to the exciting opening celebration of their exhibition, Seeing is Believing. Angela Ellsworth’s live performance piece also added a truly special vibe to the space.  If you haven’t seen this show, you need to.. The space is incredibly vibrant and energized, with both artists work complimenting and feeding off each other. The exhibition as a whole, is deceivingly beautiful while also being wonderfully unsettling, which is a perfect balance of tension for me.

Check out Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?  and you’ll see what I mean. (the tree)

Rebecca Campbell, Lucky Charm 2010

” Why’ll I like to celebrate poetry, I also think its good to celebrate cutting the grass.”- Rebecca Campbell.

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