between concrete and clouds

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remember this? Here are some new photographs from my skype portrait series I have been continually working on. My original prints don’t have the box with the image of myself in them.. I have kept making some with and without it, but I am leaning more towards with. In a way the internet brings the photographer and subject to a neutral [non] space where both can exist and be exposed. What do ya’ll think?

 Donald Balboa, Spain 2011

Jason, San Antonio, TX 2011

Danielle, Williamsburg, NY 2011

Nick, Tempe, AZ 2011

Stephen, (classified) Afghanistan 2011

Also check out some other projects that are using photography and the internet in an interesting way.. here herehere and here.          [jenny odell:jasonlazarus:dougrickard:penelopeumbrico]

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